I have only been fishing Livingston for about a year now and let me tell ya. Today was epic. Forget about the whites. The stripers were awesome for almost 4 hours nonstop. I think gary went 10 for 10 casts. Thanks Donald for putting the trip together and I had a blast with you all and Michael. My daughter had a great time and that's what it's all about at this age. Thanks again guys.

- Dan

Awesome Day at Lake Livingston!!!!! My son and I got the privilege of fishing with a great guy yesterday. I met Michael through his brother on 2cool! We set something up for Saturday, and met at the state park at 9:30am. We were fishing by 10am and had 3 limits of whites and a striper by 11:30-noon. This guy not only knows how to fish, but he is a true gentleman. My 14yr old son enjoyed fishing with him and commented on how nice and mannerly he was. It was great to fish with someone that loves fishing as much as I do. I had one of the greatest trips of my life and learned a whole new way to fish for whites in the winter. Michael has the best method for catching winter whites. Him and his brother caught them in 20MPH north wind over the holidays! All I can say is Game Changer! Book a trip and let him show you how to rip a lip! He is an awesome guy to be around too. He knows his stuff!

- Dustin

I have been fishing this lake for 10 years and had some great trips but nothing compares to today. Mike did a great job of putting us on fish for 5 solid hours and the striper action was off the hook...take that back, it was on the hook, again and again and again. We boated and released over a hundred stripers and finally cried uncle around 1 pm. What a great trip!

- Gary

I went out with my two sons this morning while Michael's lessons from yesterday were still fresh in our minds. We pretty much repeated our success from yesterday, though none of the stripers we caught were legal. Caught lots of whites - didn't count them - only kept 10 to eat tonight.Didn't realize until today, but Michael also taught me a lot about how to read depthfinder information. Turns out, I really didn't know what I've been looking at. We got to the point today while drifting that I could tell my sons, "Here they come...", and bigger than Dallas, we would have at least two hookups. Man, that was awesome!I am soooo glad I invested in your service! You guys keep up the great work. I wish you both all the success in the world. By the way, I saw Micheal at the docks at the state park. That is one fine boat you guys have there!

- Paul

Let me tell you these guys know what they are doing. The whole time we were catching the whites Mike and Chris were explaining what we were doing and why we were doing it. I will easily be able to translate what I learned to other lakes on my own boat. Whether you are trying learn or just want to catch a boat load fish these guys are good at what they do. I didn't see anyone at the dock with anywhere near the mess of fish we caught.But, the best part about the trip is how good these guys were with two 10 year old boys. They put forth the effort to explain to them how to catch the fish and were extremely patient throughout the afternoon. Bottom line, I couldn't offer a higher recommendation than what I can for Lake Livingston Adventures. Especially, if you want to put your kids on some fish. They are one of the best freshwater guide services I have ever used. Top notch all the way around.

- Brad

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