Sonar 101

Recent advancements in fish finding technology have totally revolutionized the fishing industry. Sure, we rely on our past experiences, water temps, and wildlife activity to help us pattern and consistently put fish in the boat, but the single most important tool in our boat is our sonar/gps unit. We are now offering instructional sonar training trips that will enable you to take your fishing adventures to the next level. These trips are available in our boat or yours. Our boats are equipped with hummingbird units but we are familiar with the Lowrance platform as well. The user interfaces are different but they all have similar fish finding capabilities.

During these trips we will start with basic things like:

  • Basic setup standards
  • What baitfish look like
  • What gamefish look like
  • How to tell the differences in brush and fish

After certain basics are covered we will move on to more advanced fish finding techniques that include but are not limited to:

  • Happy bait vs. scared bait
  • Inactive fish vs. active fish
  • Gizzard shad vs. threadfin shad
  • Species identification (yes, you can tell what kind of fish you are looking at)
  • How to locate fish relating to structure
  • Optimized situational sonar settings

Note: side imaging is a critical component to most of the advanced techniques mentioned above

Learning how to use you electronics to their full potential in itself adds to the overall excitement of your fishing adventure. After taking one of our sonar trips you will be able to fish with more confidence. You will be able to "call your shots" and spend less time guessing and more time putting fish in the boat!

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