What to Expect

Your Adventure will begin when you meet your guide at the Lake Livingston State Park pier. The boat will be fueled up, full of tackle, and ready to hit the water. Your guide will perform a quick tutorial and cover the basics of what you should expect to catch that day, and the methods you will be using. After that it’s time to hang on for the ride.

We will make a run out into the main lake and begin our search for fish. We have spots as close as 200 yards from the pier and as far as 10 miles. Different seasons and wind speeds will require different runs from our launching point, but we typically will not venture out more than 3 or 4 miles from the dock. Your guide will use a combination of his past experiences, current patterns, and daily wildlife activity to determine where the fish are.

When the fish are found with the aid of our electronics your guide will position the boat in a manner that will give you the best chance of success. Once the boat is in position it’s time to catch fish! Your guide will be happy to assist your party as much or as little as you deem necessary. Your guide will take you from one location to the next as the day progresses. Tactics may change or stay the same according to the feeding pattern of the fish.

As the trip comes to an end we will head back to the pier and dock the boat. Your fish will be unloaded onto the pier. This is a great time for group pictures and to show off your catch. All of your fish will be cleaned and bagged by your guide at the fish cleaning station right on the pier.

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